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About us

Multieng Solutions Ltd are a client-centred Engineering and Business Transformation Consultancy who integrate Lean principles and Leadership, Advanced Manufacturing Technology to develop Processes, Products and People through training and coaching within the manufacturing sector.

We provide our clients with the necessary skills to become more competitive and increase bottom line profits whilst strengthening manufacturing in the UK for future economic growth.

Multieng have had over 25 years of experience and have worked with hundreds of SME’s and Blue Chip Companies in the manufacturing sectors. Every company are different however often the problems we encounter are the same or very similar. We adapt our approach to meet the client’s needs and the areas that we have particular expertise in are:

  • Business Transformation and Process Improvement Programs

  • Specialist Prototype, Tooling & Equipment Design, Manufacture & Assembly

  • Technical and Operational Engineering Support

  • Project Management Support

  • Training Coaching & People Development 

​We have encountered most manufacturing problems, so if your particular requirement is not covered above please give us a call and one of our specialists should be able to help you.

Who we are

Gary Catchpole.png


Managing Director

Gary Shurmer.png

Gary Shurmer

Lead consultant

Jane Baker.png

Jane Baker

Lead Consultant

Alan Dodd.png

Alan Dodd

Lead consultant

Andrew Freeman.png

Andrew Freeman

Lead consultant

Craig Pearce.png

Craig Pearce


Paul Kincell.png

Paul Kincell


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Nick Sullivan



500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

Contact us

Pleasant View, Woolaston, GL15 6PA

Tel: 01454 806209

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