Introduced flow line concept to existing production on single & multi-product flow lines including; line balancing, work package & visual management, 5S, kanban, poka-yoke and SMED


Advising and applying lean principles on a number of improvement projects focusing on transition and stakeholder analysis, process and value stream mapping, kaizen workshops and employee engagement, critical path & constraint analysis.

Packaging Company

Automation feasibility on Vacuum packaging (Doubled capacity through lead methodology)

Our case studies

How we helped business to grow.

Water Jet Company 

Business Strategy review, Optimisation and Cost Reduction Water Jet cutting (Doubled sales from the previous year and 30% saving on consumables and produced an accurate costing model)

Flour Producer

Process improvement to reduce Flour Processing costs (Uptime increased from 66% to 87% and reduced material usage)

Injection Moulding Company

Lean process improvement and training in Mould and Assembly – (Trained 10 shop floor team and reduced lead time and processing time)